Bachata Classes

Bachata Classes Online

Bachata Fundamentals:

We offer Bachata Fundamentals courses online. In these online products you will learn and strengthen the fundamentals of Bachata - timing, basic steps, turns, shines, leading & following techniques.

As you get deeper into these online courses, you will gain more experience by learning fun & challenging Bachata turn patterns and footwork by using the tools to help you look smooth and fluid and onto the dance floor in no time!

We offer a few different products and you can chose the best one that suits your needs

Bachata Specialty Classes:

Pearl Studios 519 8th Ave, 12th floor.
New York, NY 10018

JoelSalsa offers Specialty Classes on Wednesday evenings and will include  different Bachata styles in these series of workshops.

Please check out our Specialty Workshop page to check when and what we will offer each month!