Bachata Performance Class

bachata performance class joelsalsa

This 8 week Bachata performance course is for the student who wishes to improve & expand their bachata/dance skills, creativity, versatility all while learning an amazing & fun choreography with the one and only Edwin & Daniela from JoelSalsa Dance School!

After working hard and sweating it out for 8 full weeks, the performance group will have a chance to debut this amazing choreography at New York City venues!!

If you are ready to challenge yourself and shine on the dance floor, then do it!

Please read ALL requirements:

  • Must have Strong understanding of the Bachata Timing
  • Adv Beginner Level and higher – at least 6-9 months of dancing experience or prior
    performance experience

Starts Wednesday, May 20th @ 8:30pm
JoelSalsa – 519 8th Avenue, 12th floor
(look for JoelSalsa/Bachata Performance on TV screens)
Cost for 8-week Performance Course – $199 (cash only)
For more info or to reserve your space,
please email to


Thanks! And get ready to work it!
Joel & Maria

For more details,

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Expected more advanced and more challenging than these sample videos.

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