Nyc bachata LapDance

Hot&Sexy Bachata Weekender

Men and Women Lap Dancing Class.

A special 1 hour workshop by Summer Sando


Watch Sample Lap Dance DVD by Summer Sando!

Lap Dancing Workshop

Are You READY???

We ‘re offering the Famous and highly anticipated
Lap Dance Workshops for Men & Women!!
with the sexy Ms.Summer Sando"

If you have never had the chance to participate in this workshop, Trust Us,
You don’t wanna miss THIS!

This is a great chance to learn the Art of Exotic Dancing from Sexy Ms. Summer Sando. She will help you Unleash the sexy, lap dancing diva inside you. Then the fun doesn’t stop there, oh no we are just getting started. Ladies, the men will stand up from their cozy chairs and return the favor.

It’s sure to turn you on! Are you READY?

This 1 hour Lap dance course will be guided by Summer Sando . She is a professionally trained and respected instructor in herfield who will guide her students to learn how to express sexy body movements, build their confidence, and learn to express their sexuality in a very safe environment.

*Very Important*
This class will be very well monitored and safety measures have been integrated into the workshops to secure a very safe and comfortable environment for everyone participating.

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