Bachata Classes New York – Bachata Tips Edwin and Daniela

You or someone you know wants to learn to dance Bachata? Look no further!

Join our Bachata Classes every Monday with Daniela & Edwin at Joel Salsa Dance Company. Bachata Level 1: The Basics and Fundamental Elements 8:30PM. Bachata Level 2: Exploring versatility, styles from different regions and diving deeper into the music and dance. For more info visit website or contact us.

What will you learn? The Basic Elements and structure of the music and dance, leading and following techniques, natural body movement, figures and patterns, timing, musicality, shines/footwork, partner work, dancing with feeling, tips on improving creativity and versatility, social dance experiences, dance etiquette, origins, history, evolution of the dance, and much more. Don’t take our word, come check it out in person!